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What should I do?

Dear Stanton,

My husband is an ex-con who just got out. He promised me that he was going to quite the old life he had and concentrate on us. Well, he didn't come straight home when he got out of jail. He waited until a week later, then he said that he was home to stay but he left and I have not heard from him. He said that he cared about me and that he was going to be here for me but I haven't heard from him.

I don't know what to do? Should I go ahead file for divorce and go on with my life? I don't want to give up but neither do I want to just hold on if it is not any more us.

Mrs. C.

Mrs. C.,

Dump him.



Okay..... Just file for a divorce and go on with my life? Even if he doesn't want a divorce and neither do I but he will not come home?

Mrs. C.