Library Journal, June 1, 2004 , p. 161

Starred review:

Peele, the author of such well-known works in the field as The Meaning of Addiction and Love and Addiction, offers a revolutionary concept sure to make a difference in both self-help and formal recovery programs.  Peele emphasizes what he calls natural remission, which allows anyone to overcome his or her disruptive habits.  He believes that the core element of an individual, not the treatment or program, is the key to success.  His philosophy thus differs markedly from that of AA, which traditionally focuses on an individual’s powerlessness.  Peele offers the addict both help and information, presenting what he calls building blocks for living and allowing the reader to explore the significance of seven tools (values, motivation, rewards, resources, support, maturity, and higher goals) that form the heart of this book.  Well written and well researched, this is sure to be an essential text in the addiction field.  Highly recommended for public, academic, and specialized libraries in the health profession.