The Alcohol Research Group, Berkeley

Stanton was an Affiliate Scientist at the Alcohol Research Group between 1987 and 1989. Don Cahalan, Professor Emeritus and former director of ARG, wrote the following letter on Stanton's behalf:

April 7, 1987

I am writing to express the confidence of myself and my colleagues at the Alcohol Research Group of Berkeley (a federally-funded Alcohol Research Center) in the work of Stanton Peele. Based on his extensive past writings concerning alcohol problems in America, we are sure that any book he writes will be very sound in its scholarship, and at the same time appropriately provocative and constructive.

Stanton is a rigorous researcher with an inquiring mind, who is bound to come up with many observations which will cast serious doubt on the efficacy of the alcohology establishment's notions of how to treat alcoholism and will expose the reasons for its relative indifference to sound preventive measures. We have been very impressed in how effectively (and accurately) he has utilized the findings of our Group's national surveys on drinking problems in his past writings.

Don Cahalan
Professor of Public Health (Emeritus)
University of California at Berkeley
Past Director, Alcohol Research Group