Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies

The Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies presented Stanton with its 1989 Mark Keller Award, which read as follows:

The Eighth Mark Keller Award winner is Stanton Peele for his article, "The limitations of control-of-supply models for explaining and preventing alcoholism and drug addiction," JSA, 48:61-77, 1987.

The purpose of the Mark Keller Award is to "honor Mark Keller's seminal contributions to the field of alcohol studies and his years of devoted service as Editor of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol." The Award is presented for an article that demonstrates scholarship as evidenced by "research competence," and "through its communicative style and broadly relevant implications contributes to innovative and provocative thinking" as judged by the Award Committee.

The members of the Award Committee were M.J. Ashley (University of Toronto), Selden D. Bacon (Vineyard Haven, MA), John Carpenter (Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies), Mark Lender (Kean College), Harry G. Levine (Queens College), and Robert Straus (University of Kentucky).

Peter Nathan, Director of CAS from 1983-1989, wrote the following for Stanton's book, Diseasing of America.

Stanton Peele is the latest in a long and worthy line of American contrarians unwilling to accept the status quo, especially when it is the product of wishful thinking, not empirical research. In this book, Peele challenges us to examine our most fervently held beliefs on the causes and cures of the addictive disorders — and urges us to modify them, when the impelling logic of the data demands.