Maybe one day my voice will join yours

Dear Stanton:

I have browsed your articles and web site. I found it unfortunate that you were kicked off the Addiction Medicine list for espousing differing views. I am one of those who stopped using and then went to 12 step groups for about 2 years. I found them very supportive. But the belief system there is detrimental to long term recovery as the focus tends to remain on the addiction, to the extreme of naming yourself as the "disease." I now have 8 years free with only 2 in the program. I work at an EAP as a secretary and the party line there is that AA/NA is a must for treatment. Everyone must wear a size 12 step. The sad part of it all is that many who could be helped and empowered to find their own path are lost and stuck. I think your work and your voice are necessary, and one day maybe mine will join it in the same vein.