Cover Diseasing of AmericaDiseasing of America: How We Allowed Recovery Zealots and the Treatment Industry to Convince Us We Are Out of Control

Stanton Peele

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A popular book explaining the movement in America toward disease theories of behaviors and their negative consequences for law, morality, and social and individual health. Widely reviewed, largely positively, including JAMA, Health Affairs, American Health, Psychology Today, Psychiatric News, and JSA.

Praise for "Diseasing of America"

Commonly accepted ideas about alcoholism and other addictions are almost entirely without scientific basis. We have more than enough diseases without inventing new ones to relieve us of moral responsibility to deal with the complexity of the human condition. Diseasing of America is an important book that should be read by all concerned about addiction. An added bonus—Dr. Peele writes exceptionally well.
—Neil A. Kurtzman, M.D., Arnett Professor of Medicine, and Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

"A courageous indictment of the destructive mindset that all deviant behavior is a disease. Peele offers mindful alternatives to those suffering from addictions and to professionals seeking to help them."
—Ellen Langer, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Harvard University, and author of Mindfulness

Peele's is a voice of sanity on a topic where confusion and false doctrine reign today. His book addresses a subject of urgent importance in America. Peele brings to the task many years of expertise, as well as plenty of common-sense insight. It should have a major influence in redefining America's views on alcoholism and addiction generally.
—Herbert Fingarette, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, University of California, and author of Heavy Drinking

I found the arguments in Diseasing of America persuasive and carefully documented. While I find current addiction-treatment models helpful, I think it is critical to look at Stanton Peele's work to question our fundamental assumptions and adjust them on the basis of data.
—Jennifer P. Schneider, M.D., author of Back From Betrayal; and Sex, Lies, and Forgiveness, and member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine

A provocative review of the uses and abuses of the disease model in the past three decades. This important book has significantly added to my education and clinical understanding of addiction in my professional practice.
—Richard R. Irons, M.D., FASAM, The Menninger Clinic

Praise from readers:

After reading your book, I set new goals, became active in my family both in my new home and old.